Renovations & Additions

As we move forward in life, things change. Our families. Our tastes. Our lifestyles. And sometimes, in order to accommodate that, our homes have to change, too.

But maybe you’re not ready to move. Maybe you’re already in the perfect neighborhood and don’t want to leave.

We can help. We work with only the most talented architects, interior designers and craftsmen in Tampa Bay. They have decades of experience in renovating homes, breathing new life into older living spaces by seamlessly integrating a sophisticated mix of old and new.  Whether you want to add space for a growing family, re-purpose rooms after the kids move out, or just change the feel of your home’s interior to reflect your more grown-up tastes, give us a call.

Our renovation experience includes (but isn’t limited to):

⁃    Historical home renovations
⁃    “Complete home” renovations
⁃    Kitchens and bathrooms
⁃    Exterior kitchen and living space
⁃    Second-story expansions
⁃    Additional bedrooms, home offices
⁃    Guest houses
⁃    New bathrooms
⁃    Pool & spa areas
⁃    Additional garages

Let us help you reshape your home into a space that fits the way you live now, instead of the way you used to live.


FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Association, and its 50% Rule can affect renovation projects in flood zones, such as those found throughout Pinellas and Hillsborough counties.

According to the rule, if your home is a) in a flood zone and b) does not meet the current mandated minimum height, any renovation is limited to a cost equal to or less than 50% of the value of the structure. For example: Assume the combined value of your structure and property is $800,000. With a breakdown of the structure value at $600,000 and the land value at $200,000, the value of any renovation would be limited to $300,000.

It is important to note that each municipality interprets this rule differently. Moreover, the proper calculation of your home’s value is extremely important for any proposed renovation. At Bright Bay, we have been able to obtain many FEMA permits in the past and have the expertise to help our clients deal with the 50% Rule.